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And it isn’t easy for us to figure out how to switch it back from Korean or Russian!

Dumb Apple store employee is dumb. Talks about horrible work mantra, and how they have no idea how to reset computers to English. Protip: just restart Apple store computers to reset them, that takes like what, 15 seconds?

via Popular Mechanics

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Most people who attended the iPad unveiling and are now writing about the iPad are misunderstanding its intended audience because they’re not in it.
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Got my MacBook Pro 17” today. Almost feels like being used to european streets, then suddenly driving American highways in a Hum V. The only sucky drawback: there’s no monitor adapter included. That’s really fucked: spending so much money and having to spend some more for a device worth a few cent.

Augh, I know whatcha mean, and the worst part is that they want $20 for it! It hurts inside.

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